Learn2Drive3D 1.5

Driving simulator to train your skills
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Interactive tool to prepare you for the driving exam founded on the most recent Traffic Act. Train driving and improve your progress.

If you are about to take the driving test to obtain your driving license, I'm pretty sure that this program will help you a lot. Learn2Drive3D is a great program that has lots of tutorials aimed to present you with all the necessary aspects to pass the K53 driving test (required in some parts of the United Kingdom, in the South Africa and several other countries) successfully. From pre-trip inspection to parking tests, you will learn everything step by step, with a cool 3D animation sequence to highlight every step.

The program is extremely easy to use, with colorful graphics and a well designed user interface. For the sequences, you can set several adjustments like anisotropic filtering and screen resolution, which can drastically improve the final rendering.

I will be honest with you, I never had a car, so I never learned to drive. But when I took a look at this program, I wanted to learn to drive as soon as possible. The K53 test seems to be very difficult, but it's necessary if you want to become a safe driver.

The only drawback about this download its the module lockout: we are able to use a few modules of the program; however, the full license is cheap, and it's worth its price.

Review summary


  • Graphics options, like resolution and anisotropic filtering


  • Almost every module is locked since it's a demo
  • Developer's web site only show pricing in local currency (South Africa Rands)
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